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Discover the perfect balance where optimal functionality meets the effortless simplicity that propels your business to its finest operational efficiency with Richtek Solutions.

Our Story

Explore the evolution of Richtek Solutions, a journey marked by innovation, dedication, and impactful contributions to the technological landscape.


Learning PHP

RichTek Solutions started when one of our founders, Richmond Ibasco was undergoing OJT for Outcomm Inc. - an advertising company. This is where he learned PHP on his own by being assigned to the first projects they had, It is a PHP based forum about the PSP console and games.

Awards Triumph

After that, he developed his skills by taking on other system development projects in his free time. He used his skills in PHP and systems development to create an agricultural system that won the "Most Outstanding Thesis" and "Social Relevance" awards that year in "DLSU".

SAP with P&G

After that HP took him into their company and assigned him to one of their huge account, "Procter & Gamble" known as "P&G" as a SAP Developer and got a customer satisfaction rating of "5.0", a Perfect Score!

HP to Business Development

Realizing his knack for Business Systems Development, he went on to start his own company after he resigned in HP. He has helped a good number of businesses such as: Meiji Electric, The Generics Pharmacy, Yakin Cargo, Paulsen Enterprise, Bicman Cargo, GCI Construction, Dine & Travel, etc.

Our Principles

Richtek Solutions stands firmly on the principles of unparalleled support, efficiency surpassing in-house teams, and a commitment to excellence.

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To provide high-touch and highly efficient support that is better than the in-house team of our partner clientele.


To partner and serve 5,000 business owners in the Philippines and ASEAN countries in their business' system requirements.

Richtek Solutions is Trusted by Diverse Industries

Richtek Solutions takes pride in being the preferred choice for a diverse array of clients, allowing businesses to thrive with our integrated solutions.