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At Richtek Solutions, we are dedicated to supporting your business journey by integrating advanced technology and unwavering commitment. Elevate your business, streamline operations, and embrace a future where innovation is the driving force.

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Richtek Solutions is more than a technology partner; we're architects of innovation. Our team, fueled by passion and expertise, is dedicated to crafting solutions that redefine industry standards. With a commitment to excellence, we've become pioneers in delivering comprehensive software suites that empower businesses across diverse sectors.

"We make sure that you are focused on doing what you do best rather than trying to find out how to make your way around the system."

+40% Increase in Positive Reviews
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Our Integrated Solutions

We bring together technology and simplicity to streamline your business operations, aiming for a smoother journey towards success.

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Omniwys is an advanced solution designed to automate and streamline your company's operations. With cloud-based data storage, enjoy complete backup and anytime, anywhere access, while instant summary reports empower you to troubleshoot and make informed decisions seamlessly.

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Buildwell Construction

Buildwell Construction guarantees a streamlined construction process with zero pilferage, overstocks, or understocks. Your projects will stay on track, meeting timelines without unnecessary extensions.

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Modules that We Provide

From efficient Human Resource Information Systems to streamlined Logistics Business Information Solutions, Richtek offers a suite of powerful tools. Explore our Sales and Marketing, Inventory Information, and Finance and Accounting modules designed to elevate your business operations seamlessly.


Elevate employee management with our Human Resource Information System, maintaining comprehensive records, tracking skills, evaluating job performance, and assisting in efficient employee training planning.

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Experience a full-featured cargo solution with our Logistic Business Information System, providing ease of use for tasks like booking, creating waybills, managing cargo manifests, availability tracking for trucks, and built-in accounting features.

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Sales & Marketing

Monitor sales transactions in real-time, capture sales data instantly at the point of sale, track sales trends, and analyze marketing campaign effectiveness with Richtek Solutions' Sales and Marketing tool.

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Support manufacturing and production activities seamlessly while gaining insight into the number of items available in inventory with our Inventory Information System.

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Finance & Accounting

Ensure meticulous financial oversight with our Finance and Accounting module, monitoring the firm's financial assets, tracking fund flows, managing check disbursements, and storing crucial customer data, including payment history, credit rating, and billing history.

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Explore Richtek's Flexible Packages

Richtek Solutions offers versatile pricing packages catering to diverse needs. We ensure a solution for every business, backed by transparent and flexible pricing.


Empower your business with our DIY package, providing a straightforward solution for users to utilize the software as is.

Use the software as is
One (1) user
95% uptime
Minimum of 1 year lock-in period
Free Setup


Experience tailored support with our Assisted package, offering limited customizations, 10 users, and 98% uptime.

Limited customizations ( Two (2) customizations / month)
Ten (10) users
98% uptime
Minimum of 1 year lock-in period
Free Setup


Unlock limitless possibilities with our Unlimited package, granting users unrestricted customizations, with a minimum 1-year lock-in period and free setup.

Unlimited customizations
Fifty (50) users
100% uptime
Minimum of 1 year lock-in period
Free Setup

Easy to use and Streamlines Process and Enhance Results

Our Productivity Skyrocketed, and Made our business efficient than ever

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Explore the success stories of our clients and see how our integrated solutions have made a difference. From empowerment to growth, our tailored products and dedication to client satisfaction shine through in every story.

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Richtek Solutions is Trusted by Diverse Industries

Richtek Solutions takes pride in being the preferred choice for a diverse array of clients, including esteemed companies like Meiji Electric Philippines Inc, Juan Carlo Catering, SEO-Hacker, Qeryz, Uratex Foam, North Park, and more. Our tailored solutions have fostered enduring partnerships, allowing businesses to thrive with our integrated solutions.


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